Thursday, December 6, 2012

Raymond Castile's Photostream

Like many times in the past,  I spent several enjoyable hours visiting Raymond Castile's Flickr photostream while researching some Topstone masks last weekend. Ray is well known on a number of forums for his amazing Topstone collection, as well as his photos, and his willingness to openly share his knowledge of history of the company. So any inquiry to Topstone inevitably leads one to one of Ray's posts, or one of his many photo sets.

For those that perhaps aren't aware of this amazing mask and monster photo resource, be prepared to be blown away by the sheer quantity, as well as the quality, and the care Ray puts into his photos and scans. The photo stream is full of photos of masks, mask restorations, vintage photos, ads, catalogs, and is without a doubt the unequaled Topstone resource and archive on the internet...


  1. Best post ever! ;)

    BTW, this thread I started at the Classic Horror Film Board has a lot of information you won't find elsewhere (with more to come):

  2. Thanks for posting the link Ray. There's already a mind numbing amount of info there, looking forward to more :)