Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1994 Don Post Studios Catalog

Hey creeps, it's time to fill another hole in the Monster Mask Catalog Archive! This time with the 1994 Don Post Studios Catalog...

There was little variation between the '93 and '94 catalogs in terms of the line-up and the catalog design. Not that this is surprising,  in '93 the entire line over went a big make-over and the still fresh line-up needed some time to establish itself. The new changes to the line-up in the 1994 catalog include the addition of the Gorillas on page 5, as well as a newly sculpted Deluxe Tor Johnson...

Here's a look at the 1993 Don Post logo with the traditional Tor style and the 1994 Don Post logo with the new Deluxe Tor Johnson mask...


  1. Hello. Do you have any idea who got their hands on all the extremely valuable Don Post master molds selling on eBay? Kinda sad that these may wind up in the wrong hands & not collectors. Love your blog!! Thanks!

  2. Well, that depends on which ones you consider extremely valuable :-) It's been very tough to gauge many of the auctions, as several of the old molds have been used to the point that they will not yield a good cast, or are not really first generation, but rather shrunk down second generation molds. While many of these would at first glance seem very valuable, some can actually be quite worthless.

    But, in answer to your question, personally, I have been fortunate enough to pickup close to 30 of the masters & molds that have sold over the past year. I know a few other collectors and mask makers that have picked some up. I would say that a good number of the ones that are worth saving are definitely in the hands of folks that with make sure that they will be properly preserved.

    It's been an interesting year watching all these pieces of Don Post history be sold off online. I'm sure there will be many more to come and go before it's all over.