Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello December

I'm not quite sure how this happens every year. This month has a habit of sneaking up on everyone. The pattern is always the same. It begins with the amazing weather of early Fall which transitions to the magic of late October days getting ready for the big day. Next, it seems we're stuffing our faces with turkey and giving thanks. And then BAM! December is here and I ask myself "what the hell happened to the year"?

December promises to be a fun month here at the Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks. Of course there will be plenty of the usual monster mask hootenanny, and ads, and catalogs,  and a good chance of two "Masks of Famous Monsters" posts. There will also be plenty of Krampus and holiday posts too. Come late December, when I'm on winter break from school, I'm planning on expanding out the Monster Mask Catalog Archives to include ALL the catalogs that have been posted here since the blog began in 2010. So creeps, I say try to enjoy the holiday season, because it's here, and it'll be over before we know it...

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