Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1976 Be Something Studios Catalog

Christmas came early to the Phantom's crib this year! The Crimson Ghost from the HMA stopped by on Sunday night to pick up a mask from the studio and came bearing gifts in the form of vintage  Be Something Studios catalogs to for me to scan. It didn't take long as they were on the scanner bed yesterday afternoon, and the first one is being posted today.

Aside from the fact that these pages feature a good number of designs which are completely new to me, what I love about this catalog is that it showcases the debut of one of the greatest original monster masks of all-time in "Fang Face"...

Original Be Something Studios Fang Face Mask


  1. It's amazing to see just how brazenly Topstone ripped off so many Be Something Studios designs. I'm beginning to wonder if Topstone bothered to come up with any of their own designs in the 1980s. It seems like their entire 80s output consisted of: 1) resculpting Keith Ward's designs, 2) ripping off BSS and other companies, 3) picking up licenses and sculpts that had been discontinued by other companies like Distortions.

  2. No doubt Ray. It got so bad that through out the 80s Be Something catalogs began publishing statements with copyright infringement warnings and potential penalties