Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Masks of Famous Monsters #38

Welcome to the fifteenth installment in The Masks of Famous Monsters Series. Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine was an absolute treasure trove of early mask history. By combing through the 191 issues published between 1958-1983, it's possible to gain a good understanding of the decades of evolution and history of Don Post Studios and Topstone monster masks. The eventual goal of this series is to catalog and archive each monster mask appearance in the pages Famous Monsters.

In this installment, we find ourselves skipping over issue #37, which offered nothing new in terms of monster mask articles, photos, or ads, to arrive at issue #38. Famous Monsters # 38, published in April 1966, arrived on the news stands at what was perhaps the height of the Verne Langdon era in terms of the studio's creative productivity, and public promotions.

Tucked in the pages of issue 38 was an article commemorating what was arguably the greatest series of public promotional stunts that Don Post Studios was involved with... the great super market invasion. Don Post Sr, Verne Langdon, Forest J. Ackerman, and Tor Johnson can all be seen in the article below putting on what looks to be an amazing event. Be sure to click the pages to enlarge the images and read on creeps...

Tor Johnson and Forry
Don Post Sr.
And as a nice conclusion to issue 38, the famous "calendar mask" ad appeared on the inside back cover in black and white print. Not quite as stunning as the color version, but I'm sure this ad still provided plenty of enjoyment for monster kids who drooled over these masks for untold hours...

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