Monday, September 17, 2012

1978 Don Post Catalog

Greetings Creeps! Here's hoping that this 1978 Don Post Catalog scan brightens up your Monday a bit. A big thanks goes out to the Maskahuna for generously providing these hi-res catalog scans which plug a  hole in the Monster Mask Catalog Archive, which now features the every DPS catalog from '77 through '89.

The 1978 catalog doesn't vary much between the '77 and '79, but those with a keen eye will indeed notice some subtle differences between the previously mentioned catalogs and the pages presented here.


  1. Such Sad news about Don Post Studios....
    I found something while going through my collection...And made a post for you (and Mask lovers Everywhere)... your faithful "fiend" and follower ...the Doctor

  2. Could you post a "close-up" of the "Coridian Alien" and "Eric".... I once owned both ..sold one and the other "rotted"...And check out the "Be Something" post....The Doctor