Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aaron Lewis Collection

About 45 minutes due west from the Phantom's crib lies the biggest damn monster mask collection I've ever had the pleasure of viewing up close and in person. Below are the photos of a sampling of the collection I snapped in the basement of monster mask maker and collector, Aaron Lewis.

The shelves that line the basement contain a staggering amount of monster masks to take in at one time. In fact, the only way to really handle the onslaught of eye candy is to wander the basement many times over.

So now, without further adieu, for your viewing pleasure, the Aaron Lewis Collection...


  1. the "Death Cyborg" mask is My only Don post mask to have survived
    the picture of Bill Malone's "Syngenor" mask looks Awesome... I had one of the first dozen to be pulled off this Mold... The first 4 were kept by Don Post's people... the next 8 that were made were sent to Morris Costumes ... and Me and Mr. Jim Lawrance went through the Box to chose which hand painted one we liked best ... A great memory... I will be posting on the Devil's Workshop.. To inform people of your new Mask design... Looks pretty cool... always liked masks of "undead" characters.... You have a Great Weekend... Your Fiend and dedicated Follower ...Stacey

  2. Aaron has an amazing collection! I am aspiring to have one like his!

  3. Out of a sea of cool masks, the Bayshore zombie is the one that floats to the surface for me!

  4. Amazing collection! I see he has a white skull mask. I own a very similar skull mask that is red. It has "Don Post Studios, Inc." and "c 1967 1977" impressed on the back of it. Does anyone know the history of my mask?

  5. It sounds like you might have a later version of the "Vermillion Skull". The original is more sought after, but yours is still a very collectible piece in the circles of Don Post Studios collectors.

    Are the eyes completely cut out, or does it have "white rings" around the eyes like the one here: