Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Studio Spotlight #1 - Alterian Ghost Factory

Hey Creeps! Welcome to the first installment of the Studio & Artist Spotlight, a weekly series that will feature work from smaller studios and independent artists. As I mentioned yesterday, this series will feature images collected from various online sources over the course of the past 20+ years. If I end up posting something that may have been taken or posted by YOU, please reach out and let me know. I'd love to add the proper image credits!

 These installments will be done in alphabetical order, which leads us to the first studio I have archives of, Alterian Ghost Factory. Established in the early 90's, Tony Gardner's Alterian Ghost Factory released a number of original designs, and licensed characters. Some of the licensed designs were available in economy and deluxe collector editions. Here are the images I have squirreled away over the years of Alterian Ghost Factory masks. Again, these come from collection photos, ads, and various forums, so the image quality and size vary quite a bit. Enjoy!...


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