Monday, November 22, 2021

1986 Sears Halloween Shop Catalog (Masks of the)

 Like all the mini half-page Sears Halloween Shop catalogs from the 80's,  the 1986 catalog featured a modest selection of masks. Don Post Studios and Be Something Studios masks were a staple of Sears' selections each year. Although, the 1986 catalog line-up featured only two masks from each studio: Gastro and Frankenstein from Don Post, and Horned Beast and Fang Face from Be Something. Two Illusive Concepts masks cracked the line-up with the mid-80's classic Horned Demon, and the ultra-creepy Hooded Nightmare.  The Demon Skull w/ lighted eyes looks to be a Mr. Mask creation, although I can't say for certain. The Heavy Metal mask is also a classic pop culture piece from the mid 80's based on the popular Quiet Riot album "Metal Health"...

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