Monday, November 1, 2021

Artist & Studios Images and Catalogs Found!

 Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend. Personally, I had a productive weekend sculpting several new projects. I also ran into a large batch of data that I thought I had lost... a folder titled "Artists & Studios". Within this folder, are almost 5,000 images (4.31GB) that I had collected and organized over the years from a variety of sources that include photos, collection shots, and catalogs of independent mask makers, and smaller studios (basically any studio that wasn't Don Post, Distortions, Be Something/Zagone, and Death Studios). 

I plan to start a weekly, or bi-weekly post featuring each artist/studio and running through the folders in alphabetical order. This series will begin soon with Alterian Ghost Factory being the first!

Alterian Ghost Factory - Hemlock Mask

While I lack the time to do deep dives and comprehensive write-ups on these artists and studios,  I'd still love to share the image collections that I have saved through the years. They would serve the hobby much better being out there for folks to see, save, and potentially discuss, than they would sitting in folders waiting for me to do proper write-ups.

Also, a quick note: While I have always attempted to give credit for images sources throughout the years, I do not know where most of these images came from any longer. Most came from HMA, Monster Mayhem, and Latex Mask Central posts, as well as countless random searches preformed over the years. If I end up posting something that may have been taken or posted by YOU, please reach out and let me know. I'd love to add the proper image credits!

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