Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!

WOOHOO!!! The best month of the year has arrived! Today is the day we typically break into the Halloween boxes, although I suspect it will have to wait until the weekend this year. This is a tradition that started when I was much younger. Realistically I wanted to bust into the costume box everyday of the year. However, my Mom had done a good job of convincing me that I had to wait until October to do so.

One of my prized possessions was a Ben Cooper Monster Kit. Some how I managed to keep most of the nails for years, and even made sure to return the stickers to their sticker sheet. At some point during a move to a new house in my teenage years I lost most of the old items in the costume box including my beloved Ben Cooper Monster Kit and my FACE makeup kit. But, two years ago I was able to pick up a brand new one at Monsterpalooza. I'm looking forward to seeing it sometime this week when we start cracking open boxes. Here's wishing you all a wonderful October...
Ben Cooper Monster Kit

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