Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1984 Distortions Unlimited - Masters of Hollywood Series

With the Making Monsters show officially back on the Travel Channel as of last weekend, it's a good time to work in a few Distortions Unlimited posts this week.

This two-page spread from the the 1984 Morris Costumes catalog featured the Masters of Hollywood licensed masks and the Nightmare I & II masks...

Distortions Unlimited Masks- "The Sixth Finger", "Pickman's Model",  "Dr. Phibes",
"Gargoyle", "Boarman", "The Creature", Nightmare I & II, and "The Saucer Man"

According to Dr. Lady's  Collector's Guide to Movie and TV Monster Masks, these masks where only being offered for a short while in 1982-83. These days, these masks are quite hard to find. It's a rare occasion that one will come up for sale.

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