Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Masks of Kadin Düsmani - Part 1

The Turkish Thriller Kadin Düsmani or Woman Despiser (1967) contains a surprising array of vintage Topstone and other monster masks.

The film is driven by basic premise of "crazed masked killer wreaks havoc among local ladies", and let me just say, is no ordinary masked killer. This maniac has a a smorgasbord of vintage monster masks at his disposal. And when this bad Larry slips on the rubber, me means business!

There are a number of action and kill scenes through the film that showcase great shots of old school masks. The film includes so many shots, that I'll be breaking this post up and presenting stills and video over the course of the next few days. Here is Part One...


  1. That one looked like the Topstone "Shock" and the lower one .. "Neanderthal"...

  2. That Shock is actually a West German knockoff, not the Topstone Shock. The Devil and Caveman appear to be authentic Topstones. It looks like the Frankenstein is an early Don Post, the one that was advertised with the Topstones in Famous Monsters. This makes me wonder if, at some point in the late 60s, Captain Company ran out of real Shocks and started substituting the West German one. It is interesting to see just how ubiquitous Topstone masks were in the 60s.

  3. Sweet! I'll have to check this flick out now. Love the stills!