Saturday, March 2, 2013

Flip: A Short Film

I'm not sure why I'm so late to the party on this one, I consistently visit the Secret Fun Blog a handful of times each month, and yet I only recently noticed the link for Flip: A Short Film. Everything about this short little ditty is well conceived and executed. Little Flip's T-shirts have some great Topstone mask references and the sequence with the werewolf mask is wonderful. Each sequence of the short is jammed packed with retro goodness...

I should mention, that if you like the short, do check out Kirk's book Mail Order Mystery, I picked it up a little over a year ago, and have a blast every time I flip through it's pages.

Here are few stills from the aforementioned werewolf sequence...


  1. Just watched. Nothing but good times right there. I can dig it.

  2. This was a "flippin'" hoot, Phantom!