Friday, July 20, 2012

1992 Collegeville / Imagineering Catalog

By 1992, the Collegeville catalog was completely void of the marvelous illustrations that graced it's pages in decades past. And however stale it may seem compared to it's predecessors, what it lacked in style was made up for by the fact that the photos of the masks and costumes were clear and you could see the actual products...

There is something very reassuring about the fact that there were still some pretty cool classic plastic Halloween costumes available to kids in 1992...

Collegeville Devil Costume

Collegeville Pumpkin Costume

Collegeville Skeleton Costume

Collegeville Vampire Costume

In addition, there were some fun licensed character costumes for the kiddies too...

Collegeville Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Costume

Collegeville Batman Costume

Collegeville Rat Fink Costume

Collegeville Toxic Avenger Costume
 An added bonus to the '92 catalog was the addition of the Imagineering products. While this breaks the mold of my typical mask related content, I have many fond Halloween memories that are associated with a number of these products...

Imagineering - FX Illusions, Horror Galore, Vampire Blood and Fake Skin

Imagineering -Terminator 2 Cyborg Make-Up Kit

Imagineering -Teeth and Make-Up

Imagineering -Make-Up Kits & Capes, Wrinkles, TMNT Make-Up Kit

Imagineering -The Face Make-Up Kit, 3D Gel

Imagineering -Talking Boris Skull

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  1. Thanks for uploading these! My mom was a Collegeville employee back in those days and I actually got to be the model for a number of these costumes over the years. I was supposed to be the model for the Bucky O'Haire costume you have featured up there, but they couldn't get my hair to stay slicked down behind the mask so another kid got to it.

    Anyway thanks for scanning these, it was a real blast from the past for me