Monday, July 9, 2012

1985 Don Post Catalog Part 1

The 1985 Don Post Studios catalog was offered up in two separate pieces. Both covers were labelled as the "1985 Collection", but the cover and contents of each differed entirely. Today, we'll take a look at the first of the two, which featured the "Cast of Characters" within it's bi-fold...

Masks which made their debut in the 1985 catalog included the licensed characters of the American Werewolf in London, Gremlins, and Last Star Fighter. Original designs which debuted in the '85 catalog include Jukebox and Oafey...

Don Post Studios - Jukebox Mask
Don Post Studios - Oafey Mask
Be sure to check out the additional 1985 catalog in Part Two...



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  3. The Juke-Box mask came out while I was serving time for Bank Robbery... The 28th Anniversary of the Friday the 13th that I robbed the Bank was yesterday....... Hell of an "Anniversary"
    Celebrating tonight with a bit of Zinfandel wine....
    Best wishes ....Stacey

  4. WOW Doc! Now that's some crazy shit right there!!! Hope the anniversary celebration was a good one :)