Friday, July 27, 2012

1983 Don Post Make Up Catalog

Greetings Creeps, and happy Friday to you! As we move along through the 80's Don Post Studios catalogs, 1983 is up next. Now, the full 1983 mask catalog was posted here late last year and can be found in two parts: Part 1 | Part 2 along with the 1983 Catalog Indexing Guide.

While I'm wrapping up the post for the 1984 catalog, here's a little nugget to hold you over... the 1983 Cast of Characters Make-Up catalog. The Cast of Characters Hollywood Makeup line included full character Make-Up Kits, Skin Effects (Liquid Latex), Nails, Hair Fibers, Make-up, and Noses. My personal favorite part of the catalog is the photo on page three of the Lugosi Dracula sporting a clown nose, and the Karloff Mad Doctor wearing a witch nose...

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