Friday, January 27, 2012

Headhunters Quarterly Vol. 3 Num. 1

Continuing along with the goal of eventually scanning each of the HHQ issues to preserve for mask and monster enthusiasts, here is issue #9 (Vol.3 Num.1) As always, a .PDF of the issue can be downloaded, just right click here and save!

The first Headhunters Quarterly published in 1999 featured the highly anticipated release of the Don Post Universal Monsters Re-Issues. The issue contained some of my very favorite HHQ write-ups entitled "Finding Original Calendar Masks" from Dante Renta and Pete Roberts.

In addition, issue #9 featured part one of the "Return of the Classic Don Post Universal Monster Masks" articles. This is a read that still puts a huge smile on my face. It's still possible to feel the energy and excitement caused by the release of  these masks in this issue.

 The Cool New Stuff department featured the upcoming Death Studios Bloodbeast and Tor Johnson sculpts, as well as a new Dr. Lady mask...
 The Reader's Poll Result were in for the reader's favorite mask poll. Again, it's a cool look back at the pulse of mask collectors at the turn of the century...

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  1. Cool artical and a good read I really enjoy your posts....Keep them coming...
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