Monday, January 16, 2012

Distortions Unlimited Classified Ad

This classified ad for Distortions Unlimited appeared in the back of Fango #13 in June 1981. The ad itself features a crude black and white photo of the Nightmare II mask and offers a 16 page color catalog for two bucks...
Thanks to the Green Ghoul for the following images of the Distortions Nightmare II...
Distortions Unlimited - "Nightmare 2" Mask
Custom Painted Distortions Unlimited - "Nightmare 2" Mask


  1. Ed at Distortions once made for me one of his "discontinued" masks.... sadly I no longer have this.... Met him at Morris Costumes and was just in awe of his creative designs that he had presented to Phil Morris and Jim Lawrence...
    This Awesome site has me thinking back to the days of my youth... Many Thanks for lifting my spirits on a cold and miserable day
    your new follower... Dr. Theda

  2. Great story, thanks for sharing it Doc! I've only met Ed twice, and each time I was amazed at how kind and down to earth he is. I'm glad the site is reminding you of the good old days :)