Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Freddy Mask Museum

Last month, after posting the Don Post Freddy mask ad,  I decided to take a look around the ol' internet for some other Freddy masks. The slasher genre is one I generally avoid in the realm of mask-dom, so I took the opportunity to get acquainted to the what's what of Freddy masks.

The Freddy Mask Museum is the quick answer for those in search of Freddy mask history. There's a wide variety of Freddy masks to be seen here, and most appear to be created by private artists. While not every Freddy mask is found here, the gallery does claim to be the most comprehensive library of Freddy masks anywhere. If you're a fan of Freddy, this is an excellent resource that you'll want to explore! Here are a few samples from the Freddy Mask Museum...
"Dream Evil" from Cemetery Gate Productions
Freddy Krueger - Collegeville Costumes
Silicone "Burnt Man" by SPFX
Source of Images: Freddy Mask Museum

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