Monday, September 19, 2011

First Visit to Spirit in 2011

My wife (Mrs. Phantom) and I made our first trip to a Spirit store for the season yesterday evening. While I rarely pick up anything from any of the Halloween big box stores, it's always fun to venture in for the first time and remind myself that the season is upon us.

Much to our surprise, we actually had a lot of fun in the monster mask section! What first caught my eye was the Animotion Masks. While I think these came out last year, they were new to me. I grabbed a Night Stalker to investigate and quickly learned that this mask featured opening mouth and snarling lips motion. So we scanned the QR code which brought up this video on Mrs. Phantom's  phone...

This thing was too cool. I had to bring it home. After getting it home and trying the Night Stalker on, I was surprised at how well it works once it loosens up a bit. The mask comes with a removable hood and foam pads for making fitting adjustments. My only critical comment is that the moveable jaw mechanism tends to pinch my cheeks after a few movements. Here is a photo of the Night Stalker I took home...

We were also surprised by the number of hard plastic vacu-form masks. There were a good number of characters, but the clowns and skulls were super creepy when worn. So we ended up grabbing one each. For $3.99, you can't go wrong.  Especially for the quick and convenient costume options these offer...
All in all it was a fun stop yesterday. I definitely didn't expect to come home with any masks, but I'm happy to say we did!


  1. I had to buy the animotion mask's last year just to see how they worked. I bought the one you pictured, and the other ghoul they make. They really are pretty cool. I love the vacuum package they come in too cuz ima dork. I also bought a bunch of the chrome finished vacuum form masks as well when the went on clearance. The had a devil and some skulls that were great!

  2. Good to know I'm not alone! The chrome and black devils and skulls are really cool. I'll definitely be stopping back the day after Halloween for more :)

  3. Last year, my son went as a werewolf, and we bought him the Animotion mask. It didn't work so well for him, as he just wasn't strong enough to work the jaw. Still, I tried it on, and really liked the effect. He still looked great on Halloween night!

  4. Ya Gil-Man, the jaw is definitely a bit stiff at first, but after a few minutes of loosening, it works like a champ!

  5. I keep trying to resist that Werewolf mask...but my resolve is getting weaker