Friday, September 9, 2011

The Art of Miles Teves - Horrorshow #4

Issue #4 of Horrorshow magazine featured an in-depth article on character designer, sculptor, illustrator and make-up man Miles Teves. My first exposure to Teves' work came in the form of the Demon Vampire mask featured in the 1991 Death Studios catalog...

The article is a well-rounded look at Teve's many talents, and contains several nice photos of sculpts and monster masks...
Horrorshow #4 Cover- Teves' Swamp Witch Mask


  1. Great article. These are a treat to read at this stage of my own adventures. The professional experiences others share are as useful as the technical side of things. Thanks Phantom!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it CF! I'll dig out some more stuff like this to post soon.

  3. Yes! I've been looking around everywhere for issues 4 and 5 with no luck at all. Wish I could get my hands on these two. Thanks for sharing Phantom!

  4. Hi Phantom, it's me again. Hey could you let me in on where I could find both issues 4 & 5? In fact, if any monster fans out there knows where there are any extras or if you possibly have any laying around you don't want? Hint, hint...

    1. Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for all the kind comments. I have both issues 4 & 5. If you're interested in them, email me through my Devil's Workshop site: