Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Death Studios 1995 Catalog

It's been two months since the last Death Studios post, so this is long past due! The 1995 mask catalog was one of the smallest of the decade, but featured some of the most impressive Death Studios masks of all-time.

The majority of the sculptures in the '95 catalog were created by independent artists, including the massive "Nightmare" and "Creature" from David Smith. Three masks sculpted by Dominick Alvarez including the Caliban Thrasher Unit with wrap around shoulders. Two from Brent Armstrong, including the oversized rare Rawbone mask. Three monstrous creations from Joe Reader from House of Horror. The classic Goins/ Ramirez undead aviator "Danny the Bastard". And finally, the dog-like "Tantrum" from David Britton. 
Dominic Alvarez's Smiley Sculpt
Rawbone remains one of my all-time favorite creature designs and monster mask!
Danny the Bastard Mask and Costume


  1. Oh yes, I remember drooling over that catalog. I might still have that catalog tucked away somewhere. YP, wasn't Death Studios one of just a few indy mask makers back then to put out a color catalog?

  2. Yes indeed Arcane, I spent many hours myself drooling over the '95 catalog :)

    Of all the indie artist catalogs and fliers I have, Death Studios was the only one with color catalogs. But at the time, I wasn't aware of most of the independent mask makers out there. It was right about this time in 1995-96 that I got my hands on Dr. Lady's Monster Mask book, until then, I only knew of the few artists who posted ads in Fangoria, or other mags. So there very well could be others out there.

  3. Love that London After Midnight mask! Being a bit of a monster mask novice, are these folks still in business?

  4. Yes indeed John, Death Studios is alive and kicking...

    The London has been discontinued for several years and commands a pretty good price on Eek-Bay these days. But, 2011 is featuring the best line up in years! Check 'em out.