Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Halloween & Party Expo 2011 Photo Stream

Justin from Night Owl Productions and Art Director for Trick or Treat Studios was kind enough to document the 2011 Halloween and Party Expo and post a set of great monster mask photos on Flickr. Check out his photo stream here.



  1. Great pics! Looks like a great event.

  2. Man....Trick or Treat studios just has some truly AMAZING stuff!!! I really want to buy several of their pieces to make into full-sized props.

  3. Trick or Treat has bunch of masks that I'd love to not only add to the collection, but to my Halloween display this year. The Franken fink is the coolest mask I've seen in some time, and the Cyclops and Creepy are amazing.

    Gil-Man, did you see the Dr. Shock from last years ToT catalog:


    That would make a great full-size prop!

  4. Oh wow! Yeah...he WOULD make an incredible prop!!

    Frankenfink is just all kinds of wonderful!!! I'm also quite taken with Gruesome & Uncle Creepy. I love the idea of taking some of the creations of artists like Eric Pigors or David Hartman and turning them into 3 dimensional masks.