Friday, February 18, 2011

Halloween 3 Masks and Nightmare III Ad

As a mask loving kid in the early 80s, there was nothing more exciting than a full color mask ad on the back of a Fangoria or Starlog! How little did we all know how valuable each of these masks featured on the back of Fangoria #21 would be today.  The Don Post Halloween 3 masks, based on the "Hagatha" and "Ghost Skull" masks, and the third original design "Jack-O-Lantern" always command a premium whenever they pop up on ebay.

It's been quite some time since I remember seeing a Distortions Nightmare III being made available in the auction circuit.  I believe the original intent was that the each copy in the Nightmare series would be limited to 250 copies, but I'm not sure if that many copies were actually released.

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  1. The Halloween 3 masks are one of my favorite sets. It's nice to see how they have regained popularity over the years.