Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gore Store Ad - Horror Fan Magazine

A nice assortment of Be Something Studios monster masks can be found scattered throughout this ad. The Mr. Bone Apart, Man Wolf, and Goat to Hell are all time BSS classic masks!

The Boneapart mask was one of the first masks I really remember noticing when I was younger. It was between 4th and 5th grade that I was bitten by the mask bug and really started to take an interest in rubber monster masks. It must have been the Halloween season of 1984 that I rode my bike up to a small party supply and costume shop called Corkys, and there was Bone Apart in all it's glory. The bike ride became an everyday ritual that Halloween season, and for several more after that. I believe the cost was $35, which was far more than I could afford at that age. About three years, I grabbed a copy of a brand-spanking new Bone Apart in the original bag with tags for a whopping $10 on ebay.  Here he is...
Be Something Studios Boneapart Mask
Be Something Studios Bone Apart tag


  1. Congrats on finding that mask on Ebay! Also is it me or do masks companies not make many cool "gore" appliances anymore? That Knife Face Mask reminds me of Friday The 13th: New Blood.

  2. Ya, the old school strap on gore appliances seem to be a thing of the past. The 2011 Don Post catalog has several pages of nice gore appliances though!

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