Monday, March 14, 2022

Devil's Workshop 2021 Recap - Sculptures

 While I am on hold from regular posting until Summer Break, I wanted to share some of the 2021 Yearbook images that I posted on the Devil's Workshop Instagram page...


 First up is the recap of the sculptures from 2021. I set a goal at the start of the year to focus more time on sculpting, and this yielded a total of 17 sculptures in 2021.

5 for @rock_bottom_novelties 
3 for @zagonestudios 
2 for @collectorsupreme_ 
and 7 for the Devil’s Workshop which include:

-Monster World Lagoon Monster Cover Project
-Blasted! Tomb of Terror No. 15 Cover Project
-DW25 Decayed
-DW25 Werebat
-DW 25 Decayed
-DW 25 Decayed Hands
-Monstro (to be released in Jan 2022)

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