Saturday, March 19, 2022

Devil's Workshop 2021 Recap - Cover Projects

 While I am on hold from regular posting until Summer Break, I wanted to share some of the 2021 Yearbook images that I posted on the Devil's Workshop Instagram page...


Up next is a recap of the Cover Projects from 2021. For the past 10 years the Devil’s Workshop has created an annual cover project and 2021 continued the tradition with the release of the Monster World Lagoon Monster. By mid-year I had been approached with a commission to create the Black Cat “Melting Man” series followed up with the Chamber of Chills “Ghost Girl”. After sculpting this gruesome two-some, I couldn’t resist creating the Tomb of Terror “Blasted” series. The year came to a close with a whopping 4 Cover Projects and each was a ton of fun to bring to life in three dimensions.

Thank you all for the amazing support on each of these projects. I have some very cool plans for the 2022 Cover Projects that include another commission project that will begin in January. Stay tuned Creeps...

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