Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Coming Friday - Chamber of Chills Ghost Girl


Hey Creeps! Here we are once again continuing with the theme of looking at the recent works that have kept me so busy over the past month. The next project that has neared completion recently (and will be available this Friday 9-24-21) is the Chamber of Chills Ghost Girl!

This 3/4 display mask, which is based on the cover artwork of Chamber of Chills #19, will be available exclusively through Collector Supreme and will be limited to just 25 glow in the dark copies and 50 non-glow copies.

 Here is the classic Chamber of Chills #19 cover published from Harvey in September 1953...

This is the second 3/4 display mask cover project that the Devil's Workshop has produced for Collector Supreme this year. The first was the Black Cat "Melting Man" released on June 4th which quickly sold out. Here are a few shots of that release...


  1. Both of these are just SO insanely excellent -- really great and pitch-perfectly evocative work! (Heh, and boy do I love sculpted hair!)