Monday, September 20, 2021

2021 Devil's Workshop Virtual Studio Convention Wrap-Up

 As I mentioned last Friday, it's been a very busy last six weeks around here gearing up for the Halloween season. Three weeks ago, on September 1st, I hosted the second annual Devil's Workshop Virtual Studio Con on an Instagram live stream. Here was the schedule for the evening...

I had made 16 exclusive 2021 Studio Con exclusives for the evening. Here are some photos of the offerings (all are sold out)...

The sculpting and molding station in the studio was home to the "zombie" area for the convention, which included the "Shock Fink", "Terror Zombie" and "Dead Head II" pieces pictured above.

I made the "Dead Head II" back in 1997, and it is the oldest mold that I have at the Devil's Workshop.  It's a tradition for me to make one "one-off" for any convention that I set up at, and this year was no different. The 2021VSC edition featured tri-colored hair.

The hairing station was home to Demons and Swamp Monsters at the 2021 VSC

The 2021VSC "Black Banshee" 1-off.

I made a Mystery Mummy "Topstone Tribute" VSC exclusive last year, and once again this year. This piece will be available annually, only at the Devil's Workshop Studio Con

"Brain-Dead Brute" 2021 VSC Exclusive 1-off

Flesh Fink 2021 VSC Exclusive 1-off

 Rat Fink 2021 VSC Exclusive 1-off

I retooled the eye on the Shock Fink for the 2021VSC. This is the only non-exclusive piece sold at the show, and will be available as a small run soon on the Devil's Workshop website. This was copy #1 in the edition.

Swamp Monster "Electric Eel" 2021 VSC Exclusive 1-off which featured metallic paints

"Terror Zombie" 2021 VSC Exclusive 1-off

A big thanks goes out to all that helped make it a fun evening! I appreciate all of the questions that were asked during the QnA sessions. And of course, thanks to all the creeps that purchased VSC2021 exclusives.

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