Monday, January 4, 2016

Morris Catalog Monday: Don Post Calendar Reissues

Happy Monday creeps, and welcome to Morris Catalog Monday which features random scans from old Morris Costume catalogs. Hope you all had a safe and festive New Year celebration. This is the first MCM post of 2016.

To kick off this new year, let's take a trip back to the 1999 Morris catalog which featured the Don Post Studios Calendar mask reissues. Seventeen years after their release, it's hard to quantify in words just how exciting these reissues were to mask collectors. But, needless to say, this had to be the biggest news that any monster mask collector could have hoped for in a lifetime. Below is the page as it appeared in the 1999 catalog...

The pieces depicted in the ad are among the most beautiful Calendar mask copies one could ever hope to see. When this promo ad ran, the actual masks were still being produced. Therefore, the masks pictured were a combination of prototypes and pieces from private collections. Most of these masks featured eye inserts (which were not present in the production versions of these masks) and all were painted and haired by the very best in the business. Here are some higher resolution scans of the masks...


  1. Cool post good Sir....
    and a Happy New Year to you and yours....

    1. Thank you kindly good Doctor! A very happy New Year to you too

  2. Most of these are from my "Monster Cabinet" and were finished by The Tharps and Dante Renta in 1987. Don asked if I would bring them down to the studio so that he could make photos to help sell Universal on the idea. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have professional photos made of my masks and then to have them appear on the reissue box! Thanks for posting - Evil Wilhelm