Friday, March 13, 2015

Don Post Studios Channel

Matt Post has been on a roll trans-coding old videos and uploading them to the Don Post Studios Channel on YouTube...


  1. Most excellent, Phantom! I was unaware of this. I see the History of Don Post Studios book has been nominated for a Rondo. Between that and The Creature Chronicles and a few others, it's going to be a tough choice this year. BTW, congrats on your own nomination for Best Blog! Best of luck!

    1. The Yellow Phantom has my vote for Best Blog! He was a huge help when I was putting together the Don Post Studios book.

  2. The Yellow Phantom definitely got my vote for Best Blog! Not only is the blog a great resource, but the Phantom himself is one of the nicest guys in the mask collecting hobby. He was a huge help in putting the Don Post Studios book together!

  3. Just voted in the Yellow Phantom's blog, and your amazing book Lee - I wish you both the best of luck this year for RONDO XIII gentlemen!