Saturday, March 21, 2015

Don Post Studios 1100 Line Catalog Sheet

These high-end 1100 line masks introduced by Don Post Studios in 1975-76 featured a re-release of the "smooth" Glenn Strange Frankenstein monster mask. According to the information from the Halloween Society publication this version of the Smooth Frank had "hair brushed down at sides. First poured in natural color latex and painted flesh base with bluish shading; later poured in black with bluish grey stipple coat."

A reissue of the Wolfman was also part of the 1975 1100 Line. The 1100 Line Gorilla was the replacement for the long-popular "Hollywood Gorilla". This version Gorilla could be found in DPS line-ups in various forms all the way through the 1989 catalog as the 1002 Gorilla.

Image Source: Matt Post

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