Friday, October 31, 2014


A very Happy Halloween to all. The subject of today's post is quite relevant to this very special of days... During the mid 70's (1974-78) New York based photographer Larry Racioppo snapped shots of trick or treaters out and about in the streets. Among the photos are some nice examples of the commercially available "dimestore" masks of the time. Fortunately, these photos were compiled into a book entitled Halloween. In addition, photographs from Racioppo’s Halloween series are curated in the New York Public Library’s Digital Collections. Here are a few samples featuring young ghouls proudly wearing their monster masks...


  1. A very Happy Halloween good Sir Phantom...
    We even used to have the Topstone "Skull" mask... Many years ago.....

  2. A very Happy Halloween to you too Doc!

  3. Love this post! These photos bring back so many childhood memories.