Wednesday, October 8, 2014

1948 Don Post Studios Catalog

Let's celebrate the 200th Don Post Studios post here on the Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks with a very special catalog, the oldest one to be posted here.... the 1948 Don Post Studios catalog.

The 11 characters featured in the catalog are representative of the early Don Post Studios line-ups,  mostly character based without much in the way of monsters. It would be hard to imagine any copies of these masks surviving to the present day. Fortunately, these catalog scans exist thanks to Matt Post. Be sure to visit the Original Matt Post Tumblr page which contains some amazing historical and behind the scenes DPS photos and nuggets. Enjoy Creeps... and dare to stare upon these pages with your own eyes...

The catalog photos of these masks are easily among the best that have been posted here. Previously they have only been seen here in smaller formats...


  1. Hi! Great blog!

    I thought 1948 was the year the first DP "Frankenstein" mask came out?

    Were those DP "Emmett Kelly" masks used by the robbers in Kubrick's "The Killing"?

  2. Thanks Mike!

    To the best of my knowledge, 1948 is the year that the first DPS Frank mask was released. I'm not sure why it wasn't a part of this catalog. However, like the Santa mask pictured in the catalog, it was sold in a long rectangular cardboard box.

    I'm not sure who made the clown masks in the Killing. The movie came out in 1956, and the DPS 800 line Emmett Kelly masks wasn't released until a full decade later.

  3. Just want to say this is a AWESOME, and I mean AWESOME site. Please never let these sites shut down or whatever, same thing with the catalog archives. It's just so awesome to look at this stuff.

  4. Just want to say this is a AWESOME, and I mean AWESOME site. Same with the catalog archives. It's just so great to look at. Please never let the sites expire/shut down or whatever and keep them preserved forever.