Friday, January 3, 2014

Early 1960's Don Post Studios Catalog

Greetings creeps, and welcome to the first catalog post of 2014. We'll have to go back over a half century for this rare relic from Don Post Studios. While I don't have an exact year to place on this catalog, the text on the back gives us a clue... the newest motion picture mentioned is from 1963. Here's hoping you'll enjoy this piece of monster mask history...


  1. Very handy list of TV / movie credits featuring Post masks included here; although the newest flick listed isn't Jumbo (1962). It's Irma la Douce from 1963. Gotta love the names of some of these masks -- what collection is complete without a Don Post Gay Philosopher and Gay Philosopher's Wife mask?!

  2. Good eye Carbon! Ya, some of the names on these masks are pretty outrageous lol