Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vintage Death Studios Photos

On the Thursday before Maskfest, the Night Owl Green Ghoul and I made the hour and a half trek into Indiana to visit Death Studios. Jeff Death was kind enough to let us geek out and dig through his old box of photo archives. Here are a few of the goodies that we found...

The "Megas Man" sculpture from the cover of Questar Magazine

"Carnivore" &  "Entity"

"The Damned" & "Gremlin" sculpts

"Dead Meat" sculpt

"Rat Fink", "Lil Brother", "Carnivore", "The Boss" & a "Gargoyle"
peaking from the bottom right corner

A gathering of mid-80's Death Studios masks

A gathering of mid-90's Death Studios masks


  1. I published QUESTAR mag and would love to get my hands on a MEGAS mask from Jeff

  2. I would love a MEGAS mask too. It's been high on my Death Studios wishlist for sometime!

    1. Yellow Phantom are these your masks in the pictures ?

  3. Hi Michael-

    No, none of the masks in these photos are mine. Most were taken at Death Studios. I would kill to have most of the vintage DS masks in my collection :-)