Monday, August 19, 2013

Headhunters Quarterly Vol. 1 Num. 1

In the process of chronologically posting all the Headhunters Quarterly issues I was surprised to find that I was missing two issues. Thanks to a generous mask collector who sent over a big-ass package of monster mask catalogs, I once again have these two issues...

First up, the official Issue #1, which was actually the second issue that was released by HHQ following the initial Preview Issue.

This issue was released during a particularly fun time in the hobby. As Jim Kessler mentions in the Head-itorial, both the Monstermakers "How-To Guide" and "Dr. Lady's Guide to Movie and T.V. Monster Masks" were recently released. In addition, monster mask related articles were beginning to pop up in publications such as Scary Monsters magazines. On a personal level, I had just made my first monster mask back in 1995 when this issue hit the scene and was thrilled to death to find a source of information made for monster mask lovers like myself!

Looking back at the "Cool New Stuff" section these days brings back some great memories. I had scored a copy of the McDoogals "Extra Terrestrial Alien Skull" back at the Chicago Rezin Headz convention in 1996 or 97. This was the first con that I had set up a table to sell masks as the Devil's Workshop. If memory serves me right, I traded Jeff Wehenkel one of my masks for the Alien Skull. It was truly a cool moment for this young mask maker!

I also remember visiting Doug Goin's shop for the first time and seeing some hand-made independent artist pieces including the Wehenkel "Slim" mask pictured in the page above and being blown away by the quality of piece. Again, a very cool time and place for a young mask lover.

This "Customizing Your Creatures" article by Jim Kessler is something that any hard-core mask collector, or amateur home-haunter should read...

And finally, the issue winds down with some photos of Dante Renta's vast collection...


  1. Great stuff as usual! I only wish I was born earlier(only 25). But I have enjoyed halloween and masks and costumes since I was born. Halloween is a big deal in my family. These posts and others are awesome to me! Love the blog and all of your posts. I wish I could get notifications on posts to your blog. Sometimes I miss some and have to go back and go through the blogs I missed. Please keep it going.

  2. Hi Dave! Thanks for the kind words. No need for a post notifier for this blog, I post once every single day :-)

  3. I love seeing these old issues. Pumpkinhead looks awesome there. I wish I had a room like that collectors showcase.