Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1981-82 R. Quinn Studios Catalog

This is another catalog comes via the trade mentioned yesterday. It's the first R. Quinn Studios catalog I have ever seen in person. The catalog has a few interesting monsters and Aliens mixed in among the character masks.

I don't know much about the studio, but I'm usually drawn to their work in the few instances I've seen them in Johnson Smith catalogs and old Morris Costumes catalogs. According to the catalog, several Kirk Brady & Bill Nelson pieces were added to the line-up for 1981...


  1. Hi, this blog is amazing! I'm an artist and this blog is giving me so much inspiration. I also write articles and do research for my blog researching aliens and UFOs. Someone sent along this picture of two alien faces from a book published in the 90s about UFOs. The pictures claimed to be real, actual, aliens, but I my first initial thought was...they must be masks. I began researching and it brought me to your blog. What do you think? If you take a look at this picture Have you come across these alien masks before? Or perhaps they really are real aliens...haha

  2. Hi Noel. Thanks for the kind words. Glad the blog could offer a little inspiration :-) I’ve met more creative folks through this blog blog than I could have ever imagined. It looks like you’ve got quite the bit of inspiration to offer through your own blogs!

    The alien on the right is definitely a mask. I’m not familiar with the one of the left, but it seems to be more of the rubber mask variety than that of the bona-fide real-deal extra-terrestrial type.

    I can tell you that the aforementioned one on the right was sculpted by Kirk Brady and produced by R. Quinn Studios in 1981-2 and also sold nation wide through Morris catalogs during the early 80's. Hope this helps a bit.

  3. Thanks! I just noticed after I took a closer look that the alien on the right is actually in the pictures on this post and is called the Ultimate Alien mask. I wasn't sure at first because of the angle that the picture was taken, but I came across another posting you did of that same mask and sure enough, that was the alien! This does help a lot. At least I have debunked one of the aliens! Now to go report the sad news that it's fake haha

  4. No prob. Well, there's still hope. The one on the left could potentially still be the real deal. I would be sorely disappointed if real aliens looked like that though. I hold out hope for something with a little more flair than Spock ears and a pig nose.