Monday, April 8, 2013

Horror Monsters Magazine #4 - Bob Burns Article

Issue number four of Horror Monsters Magazine, released in 1962, featured a lengthy eight-page write-up on Bob Burns. On page 37 of the article, Mr. Burns recalls meeting Ellis Burman, visiting his shop, and the line of masks that Ellis was selling in magic and hobby stores. 

This close up photo of Bob Burns in his Horror Den shows Bob along with the Ellis Burman line of deluxe monster masks... 

In addition to the article, a number of monster mask ads could be found in issue #4. Like most Charleston publications, the layouts and ads were simple and lacked the mood of the Warren ads, but in terms of variety, you couldn't do much better than these ads in 1962. There was the Super Gorilla and Super Caveman, the Unholy Six Mask Wigs, Gorilla Feet and Horrible Bloody Hand pictured here...

As well as this assortment of Topstones, The Gruesome Twosome, Monster Hands and Feet...

Another grouping of Topstones and a Six-Fingered Hand...

...and finally an early Don Post Studios Frankenstein Monster Mask, and an assortment of Mad-Moving 3-D Masks.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this! It is also great knowing Bob Burns is still alive and kicking, and busy as ever. I shared this article with my followers on my Facebook page.

    Take care!

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed the article Cindi. Bob has contributed so much to Halloween and the hobby over the years!

    Love your site BTW!