Monday, April 22, 2013

1970s Don Post Studios Catalog Sheets

During the first half of the 1970's, Don Post Studios didn't release catalogs in the same familiar format that was followed from 1976 on. Rather, the catalogs were released in single sheets that were sent out to dealers. At some point in the 70's these sheets were bundled together and shipped in a gorgeous folder complete with photos and a brief company history.

Originally these catalogs sheets were posted over the course of a week, but for archival purposes through the Monster Mask Catalog Archives, this page will become the Table of Contents for the series of posts....

150 Line | 300 Line | 750 Line | 800 Line | 900 Line | Star Trek | Universal Monsters


  1. Awesome catalog collection and thanks so much for making them available online. Really, really sweet to see.

    I didn't see one in the first 5 catalogs you show, but was wondering if Don Post ever made a production pullover rabbit head mask during this era.


  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying the catalog archives!

    I'm not aware of a rabbit head mask, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't produced. There seems to be a handful of masks that were released by DPS that didn't formally appear in the early catalogs.

  3. Thanks for the fast response. Would you know if other mask companies made a fur-covered rabbit head in the 70's? I have a green rabbit head made by Don Post for a Lucasfilm Halloween party and not sure if Don made the actual mask, painted one from stock, or bought one to paint. The mask was a tongue-in-check gag because the Marvel Star Wars comics had just introduced a 6 foot tall green rabbit character named Jaxxon on the cover of issue #8 (Feb 1978). I got it direct from the source, but am curious about how much went into the construction of it other than airbrushing the green coloring. Given the comic release date I can only assume it was for Halloween 1978. Thanks!

  4. No prob! Don Post Studios was really the only large scale company at the time. There were a handful of Independent Artists that were getting started in the late 70s, but none that I know that made a Rabbit head.

    If it was sculpted in '78 it probably wasn't Don who actually sculpted it. By then, his son Don Jr was running the company, and Don Jr only tried his hand at sculpting a few pieces. It was most likely sculpted by Bill Malone or Bob Short who were doing most if not all of the in-house sculpting in the late 70's.

    But, who knows, it could have been cast up from an old mold and painted up. Don Sr had a flair for making cute animal masks and such before the studio began making monster masks in the mid-60's

    It sounds like a cool piece! I'd love to see photos of it if you ever take any.