Monday, February 11, 2013

Topstone Brute

Calling all fans of Topstone, retro, and shlock masks... I acquired the original urethane master copy of the Topstone "Brute" mask with the intention of putting the mask back into production for a short time. That time is now my monster mask loving friends!

For $119 + shipping, you can be the first monster kid on your block to own one. Drop me an email here if you're interested. I've been playing around with color on the first two copies and here's a peek...


  1. Damn! Those look fantastic!!! So cool.

  2. Good lord! A real, brute indeed. I'll have to see it there is any room on the mask shelf....

  3. Looking good! I like the candy corn teeth on the darker one, but I think the lighter one is better overall.