Friday, February 1, 2013

Expanded Monster Mask Catalog Archive

One of my goals for the New Year was to create an expanded Monster Mask Catalog Archive to house more than just the Don Post Studios catalogs as in the past. The new archive is now set up and contains every catalog ever posted here in one convenient location.

I still have around 50 more catalogs to scan and post, and I'd like to have them all in place by the end of the year. Several catalogs that have not been posted yet have placeholders, but there are indeed many that I have yet to scan that are not represented in the archive.

Hopefully this new archive makes the process of looking for and searching through the catalogs posted here much easier. Eventually, when I'm no longer maintaining this blog on a daily basis, I'll do the set up a similiar archive for all the mask ads too


  1. Dear Yellow Phantom...
    When will you be posting the new catalogs that you picked up at the "Expo"...?? Looking forward to seeing them...
    Your good "fiend" and faithful follower...
    ....the Doctor