Friday, January 18, 2013

Masks in the Attic - The Intuder

It was a week ago tonight that I watched "The Intruder" (1989) aka "Night of the Intruder" in search of monster masks...

The evening unfolded into what is now a typical scenario at the Phantom' household... An act which confirms just how much of a monster mask geek I really am... watching an entire feature length film for a few seconds of monster mask glory.

This time it began with a photo sent over from the Night Owl Green Ghoul that showed a glimpse of a vintage Don Post mask hiding in the shadows of an attic. The next thing you know, I'm popping corn and sitting down to watch the movie with Mrs. Phantom in search of the attic scene. The Mrs. is a good sport, and she's used to being tortured by bad horror movies in search of masks. However, in this case, we both liked the movie.  That's not to say that the movie was good, but it was definitely fun.

So, here's the magic moment from the movie as well as some stills. You can make out a Don Post Studios Phantom, Karloff Frank, Hunchback, and Mongo among the other masks...


  1. Was just watching "Frightmare" tonight and there is an excellent dinner scene where everyone has a mask on. I didn't recognize the masks off the top of my head, but maybe you can.

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  3. Hi Ron-

    Thanks for the tip on the mask scene man. I watched Frightmare last night. I'm not familiar with most of the masks during the scene. The only one I could identify was the Bride of Frankenstein made by Jack Nisi during the early 80's. I'll definitely do a post on that scene and maybe someone can id some of the others.