Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don Post with Vintage Frankenstein and Ape Masks

Don Post Sr. posing with an early deluxe Frankenstein and Gorilla mask...


  1. This picture helped solve a mystery as to the identity of an ape in my collection. I purchased what was advertised by a very reliable source as an old DPS gorilla. I didn't recognize it and I wasn't able to match it up with any gorilla I knew (the other DPS gorillas like the Hollywood, the Delgado, and the Great Ape all had different shapes). What made it more difficult is a previous owner had decided to "preserve" it by removing the fur, covering the latex part of the mask with tape, then applying a thin layer of fiberglass resin which was painted black,then replacing the fur. It kept the same basic shape but lost the surface detail...on the other hand it'll still be around after I'm long gone!

  2. Glad it helped Lee! That's quite a unique DPS relic you have in your collection.