Monday, June 25, 2012

1993 Death Studios Mask Ad

Yesterday was one of those great days to be a fan of rubber monster masks.  I spent the day hanging out at Darkside Studios were Paul and myself reminisced about the past, telling stories, and looking at old mask photos and ads. This '93 Death Studios ad is one that we both agreed had a big impact on us both as collectors. For Paul, he remembers really being struck by the Cerebus, Swamp Witch and London After Midnight. I too was (and still am) a big fan of the three. Personally, I remember really being blown away by the Boogeyman and Gothic Demon too...

Death Studios - Cerebus Mask
Death Studios - Swamp Witch Mask
Death Studios - London After Midnight Mask
Death Studios - Boogeyman Mask
Death Studios - Gothic Demon Mask


  1. I remember this ad and actually ordered London After Midnight! Still have it...although it is a bit worn with a hole in the chin. Still a favorite with retro tuxedo shirt with ruffles, black cape, bow tie, top hat, and black gloves.

  2. That London After Midnight mask is a true Death Studios classic!

  3. I just found a Gothic Demon Mask at a yard sale for short money. I can't tell if it is dated 1982 or 1992. Does anyone know if the Gothic demon was available back in 1982? Thanks. I have been collecting these for quite some time

  4. Nice score! It was definitely sculpted by Jordu in 1992. Congrats on landing a great piece.