Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1991 Distortions Catalog

Fall 1991 was a special time. I had just begun my senior year in high school when we decided to take our annual Halloween party to the next level and built a full garage haunt. I actively began seeking out mask and prop catalogs. Most came in the form of black and white facsimiles. Almost every one contained pages from this Distortions catalog. At the time, I definitely preferred Distortions masks over any other. First off, they were far scarier than Don Post masks. And second, they had sculpted eyes! This was a huge consideration when buying masks to use in the haunt.

I put a lot of wear and tear on this catalog and poured several hours of my life flipping through it's pages staring at the masks and imagining their place in our haunt. As always, I've compiled a PDF of the catalog, just right click here and save yourself a copy, or if you prefer here are the catalog pages...


  1. I would LOVE to buy the Witch from the first page and The Wicked Witch from the second page.

    Best Witch masks I've ever seen.

    Thanks for posting these. These really are the best I've seen.

  2. Thanks guys!

    Agreed Rot, both are uber creepy. As much as I loved the sculpted eyes back in the day, I think it's the lack of eyes in both that really adds to the creep factor.

  3. Rot-

    The Witch on the first page can still be found across the internet for sale. Google this term:

    "Witch Mini Monster Mask"

  4. Dude! Thanks!
    I had no idea that thing would still be around.

  5. Look at those prices!! $4.80 for a pair of those awesome gloves.