Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1982 Death Studios Catalog

Greetings Creeps! Here's another catalog dug up fresh from the grave...the 1982 Death Studios Catalog. The '82 catalog is the oldest of the Death Studios catalog I personally own. In terms of the age of Death Studio items posted here, it is second only to this early Death Studios ad I posted back in February. 

The 1982 catalog features several of Death Studios very first offerings including"Entity" and the "Demon Warrior" as well as some real early D.S. classics like "Mutant" and "Jonathan" and "Gremlin". In addition, the '82 catalog featured three licensed characters including Dr. Phibes,  the Ellis Burman Gargoyle, and the Outer Limits Sixth Finger. The Phibes and Sixth Finger masks would only be offered in the 1982 catalog, while the Gargolye would go on to remain in the line up for a few years.

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  1. I saw the prototypes in my youth.... the Gargoyle looked quite good but the Dr. Phibes looked "Flat" and its detailing was nothing to brag about... good paint job was good though....
    Thanks for the memories of a better time in my life.... Stacey