Thursday, May 17, 2012

1949 Mold-Art Rubber Mask Ads

These lo-res ad scans feature some early rubber party masks from Mold Art Rubber Masks. It was certainly a much different time. Not only would some of these characters never be made today, but when was the last time a mask was advertised as being safe to smoke while you wear. For photos of the masks pictured in these ads, check out this Johnson Smith catalog page.

And hey, how about the "Halfwit in all his goofiness. People howl with laughter when you put on this life-like mask."

Here's another variation, this one comes from, it's larger and clearer than those posted above. You can really sink your teeth into the ad copy: "Cover entire head…last for years…so lifelike people gasp with amazement and delight. Mold-Art Rubber Masks are made from best-grade natural flexible rubber. They cover the entire head. Yet you see through the ‘eyes.’ The mouth moves with your lips…you breathe…smoke…talk…even eat thru it.”

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  1. Hi,
    I have the original mold, cast in heavy metal of the red satan mask as shown in the ads on your blog. It is painted red with black horns, eyebrows, mustache, ears, and goatee. The eyes has an added emblishment. I purchased it at a flea market in Elkton,Maryland at least 10 to 15 years ago. It is from the "Bayshore Rubber Industries", which is long since gone, in Elkton. I plan to sell it on my website but would offer it to you first. I can send you some pictures if you are interested. My email address is, my phone number is 302 373 1219. Thanks, James Zynda