Saturday, March 31, 2012

Casey Love Article

Wow how time flies!  Although, it was published five years ago in the Summer of 2007, it seems like yesterday when I first read this article on Casey Love.

The article itself contains some great shots of Casey's work, and gives a good background of how Mr. Love began his career and his accent into one of the top sculptors and creature designers in the business.

Here are from photos from Casey's site of a few of the masks featured in the article...

Image Source: Casey Love Designs


  1. Hi Peter! This is Ryan (renders from HMA).
    I am working on Casey Loves new website, hoping its cool if I link to this article.
    Love this blog brother, such an education and history, perhaps the best on the web!

  2. Hi Ryan! Yes, please feel free to link to any of the posts here. Can't wait to see the new site